Marcel Broodthaers


Tjorg Douglas Beer, Jonas Burgert, Olimpia Cavriani, Zhivago Duncan / Norman Hyams, Lionel Estève, Vaggelis Hoursoglou, Dionisis Kavallieratos, John Kørner, Hans-Peter Feldmann, Olaf Metzel, Yoko Ono, Maria Papadimitriou, Panos Papadopoulos, Henning Rogge, Thomas Schütte, Andreas Slominski, Alexandros Tzannis

Live Ambient Set by GOODROOM / Johannes Fricke Waldthausen

April 8 2017, 5 pm to 9 pm


Perikleous 34 (Syntagma)
10562 Athens

Opening Hours
April 9/10/11 2017, daily from 5 pm to 7 pm



Detailed Information

The exhibition NOWHERELAND brings together 18 small to tiny artworks being presented inside a mobile exhibition vitrine. The works have been created and selected by the artists for NOWHERELAND - works that deal with utopian visions, pessimistic expressions, fragility and destruction or they are fragments from the individual’s sometimes personal backgrounds.

The central piece is a 4 cm by 3 cm miniature book by Marcel Broodthaers THE CONQUEST OF SPACE - Atlas for the Use of Artists and the Military.

„Atlas - measuring 1 5/8 by 1 1/8 in. (4 by 3 cm), with a simple black slipcase - is a miniature book by Marcel Broodthaers, made after the model of the fifteenth-century incunable. It was originally published in 1975 in an edition of fifty numbered copies, and it is Broodthaers`s last book, created shortly before his death, in 1976. The object plays on language and functions in a manner characteristic of Broodthaers`s sense of humor: it refers to the use of atlases by militaries pursuing territorial conquest - a task for which this tiny edition is absurdly unsuitable - in order to make artists aware of their own such victories. Broodthaers deepened the level of intrigue by not following any established geographical organization; instead, he chose to present a small selection of countries in alphabetical order, each represented graphically at the same size.“ (Museum of Modern Art, New York)

Works included in the exhibition are i.e. the work Atlas Marcel Broodthaers THE CONQUEST OF SPACE - Atlas for the Use of Artists and the Military) - a 4 cm x 3 cm book, a rarely seen tiny sketch on paper from the painting universe of Jonas Burgert, three gold-plaid puppy seeds by Lionel Estève, a small bell against the Greek crisis from the Venice Biennale from the Greek Pavillon 2015 by Maria Papadimitriou, Frucht gegen Furcht (English: Fruit against Fear) by Thomas Schütte.

The exhibition NOWHERELAND has no home or place to be. The exhibition NOWHERELAND can be seen on the opening day of Documenta14 in Athens.
The exhibition format, the short presentation and the works presented are reflecting a certain uncertainty in our time. At the same time NOWHERELAND is a precious collection of thoughts, sketches, personal fragments, tools against fear, utopical plans.

It is shown inside GALERIE UTOPIA`s Lightbox - a custom-made aluminum vitrine by the German artist Tjorg Douglas Beer. 18 artworks by 19 international artists are displayed inside this vitrine.

NOWHERELAND is not a curated exhibition. The artists have provided the works in an artistic collaborative way. It can be seen as a small symphony of different voices in a choir. The exhibition and the included artworks have their own say.

The presentation of NOWHERELAND in Athens is a collaboration of GALERIE UTOPIA and the Athens based initiative NON SPACES founded by Marina Nicoletopolou.
The project has been developed by Juergen Vorath from Produzentengalerie Hamburg in conjunction with Tjorg Douglas Beer.

The opening will be accompanied by a Live Ambient Set by GOODROOM / Johannes Fricke Waldthausen.

Dates + Hours
April 9 2017 until April 11 2017
daily from noon - 3 pm




Beer has developed the idea for Galerie im Regierungsviertel (Regierungsviertel = German: the area in Berlin where most of the Administration of the German Government and Parliament is located) as a first manifestation of his interest in Influencing the context of his own artistic work - by defining situations and contexts as an extension of it. As the main tool for Galerie im Regierungsviertel´s work Beer developed a mobile aluminum lightbox that was positioned next to the German Parliament in the center of Berlin`s Regierungsviertel. The idea was to create a tool that would allow presentations in any kind of setting - even in outside locations and that reflects the general idea of spreading these presentations into the world like a transmitter.

The Lightbox itself appeared in many of the projects as the mobile exhibition tool. In 2010 Beer has changed the name to Galerie Utopia.
The exhibition will also be shown during the Opening days of the Venice Biennale 2017.

Since April 2007 Galerie Utopia has realised different exhibitions in Europe and the US, i.e. GINNUNGAGAP/PAVILLION OF BELIEF, Venice, THE FOUR HORSEMEN/DIE RAND COOPERATION, Berlin, Torino, THE END WAS YESTERDAY, Berlin, Innsbruck, THE FORGOTTEN BAR PROJECT, Berlin, Milan, Turin, Stockholm, NARCOTICA, Basel, ELEVATOR TO THE GALLOWS at No Soul For Sale / X-INITIATIVE, New York, DEFENDING OUR VALUES Kunstraum Innsbruck, Austria, THE GREEN VALLEY DISASTER at No Soul For Sale, TATE modern London, RESPONSOLIDARITY REMAP3 Athens. In 2010 Galerie Utopia has realised the 1st BERLIN KREUZBERG BIENNALE called AYRAN & YOGA. For the Re-opening of the Palais de Tokyo in September 2012 Galerie Utopia has realised the exhibition THE GARDEN OF EDEN. The second edition of The Berlin Kreuzberg Biennale was presented at Palais de Tokyo aswell as at Open Museum / Hamburger Kunsthalle in September 2012.

The work has been introduced in talks and lectures or workshops i.e. at Schaulager, Basel, Muthesius Kunsthochschule Kiel, Hochschule für Künste Bremen, Staatliche Akademie der bildenden Künste Karlsruhe, Kunstakademie Münster, Made in Germany II, Hannover, Artforum Berlin and Art Karlsruhe.

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NON SPACES ( –an ongoing project on spaces and brands– relates to emerging communities co-existing with culture. Currently operating in the city ofAthens, NON SPACES is reviving abandoned or underused buildings, as well as established, contemporary and historic value buildings, private or public. Examples are schools, museum spaces, artist studios, warehouses, lofts, apartments, shared spaces, commercial properties, foundations, collectors spaces, branded spaces, containers, constructionsites and off-site.

Following the international wave of re-usage and sustainability culture, NON SPACES is aware of expanding communities, short-term rent needs, remote working, and new agecommunication channels.

The objective is to bridge architecture with culture in an innovative way using technology.

Its spaces archive consists of profiling the spaces and operations. Volunteers, members and employees, institutions, curators, brands, foundations, individuals, freelancers, producers, agencies, other creative’s all become involved with matters relating to the city, to everyday life, to buildings, and the history of the spaces.

NON SPACES’s platform also hosts virtual spaces: spaces designed with photogrammetry or 3D or 360 technologies. Viewers navigate through virtual tours in a highly realisticrecopy of each space selected and tenants can digitize objects and e-curate them, e-display them in the spaces using the same techniques. This is a way to virtually display shops, galleries, e-auctions, e-lectures, educational tours, animation etc, live stream.

NON SPACES aims to become community-based and to expand to emerging markets.

There are details in this fast-paced contemporary tech-world of images, media and high demands that make people rethink of their surroundings. NON SPACES is a platformwelcoming creative ideas. The team behind this project are aware of expanding communities, shared spaces needs, and market shifts in funding resources for the creativeindustry.

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GOODROOM is an international curatorial label and creative-agency-initiative by Johannes Fricke Waldthausen. Evolving around interdisciplinary creativity and fostering 21st century value-chains highlighting arts, perception and consciousness, GOODROOM generates context and content through production of experiences and advisory services on creative direction, collaborations, and shared artistic vision. GOODROOM engages in experiences and communications with institutions, collections and companies to create creative spaces, environments and experiences, that invite innovation, alternative experiments, open-mindedness and curiosity to both better relate to others and to be more present. GOODROOM Founder and Creative Director, Associate Curatorial Advisor Sprüth Magers Berlin London Los Angeles, Associate Curator Arts & Design DLD Conference, collaborations a.o. with Studio Olafur Eliasson, DAAD, Embassy of the United States Berlin / Cultural Department. Previous curatorial work includes MoMA PS 1, New York, Palais de Tokyo, Paris and Robert M. Wilson Foundation, New York and Sprüth Magers Berlin.

Recent I upcoming projects (sel.): Goodroom - Good for Nothing, Munich (2015), Dreaming Mirrors Dreaming Screens, conceived by Johannes Fricke Waldthausen I Goodroom at Sprüth Magers, Berlin (2016), DLD Arts: Angelo Plessas & Goodroom, Munich (2017), DLD ARTS, Goodroom with Angelo Plessas, Online I Offline Ballance: Exploring Consciousness, Munich (2017) , Jon Rafman I Stan Vanderbeek- an immersive experience, curated by Johannes Fricke Waldthausen I Goodroom, Sprüth Magers Los Angeles (2017), Goodroom AMBIENT London, Los Angeles (2018), Goodroom & Edition Popol Vuh: Popol Vuh – The Ambient Remixes (2018).

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