THE GARDEN OF EDEN is a landscape of objects and sculptures positioned between the columns of the cellar of The Palais de Tokyo. These objects are part of GALERIE UTOPIA`s Inventory of FORGOTTEN art works or works that deal with utopian visions, pessimistic expressions, fragility and destruction or other things that find place in a contemporary GARDEN OF EDEN.

Besides the permanent installation THE GARDEN OF EDEN a  program of changing exhibitions, lectures screenings, performances and DJ nights will take place in THE GARDEN OF EDEN.

THE BERLIN KREUZBERG BIENNALE will show THE GREEK PAVILLON two exhibitions about and from Greece  The first one showing an archive of greek artists`books from the 60s and 70s, a videoprogram dealing with the Evil, a group show of greek artists and KanenaMellon, drawings about the future by the children of Greece.
The second is an exhibition curated by Nadja Argyropoulou one of the most interesting greek curators.

Lectures about the Motivation and projects having been realised by GALERIE UTOPIA / THE FORGOTTEN BAR PROJECT by Tjorg Douglas Beer.

The program of changing exhibitions, lectures screenings, performances and DJ nights and publishers involves i.e. Martha Kirszenbaum, Alexandre Daletchine, Shana Moulton, Cecile B. Evans, Francesca Gavin, Clément Dirié, Olga Rozenblum, Galien Déjean, Maud Lourau and Anissa Touati.

The CLUB OF ROME wil introduce its recent report and an outlook on the global Future.

Clément Dirié, Laetitia Chauvin and their Paris-based Magazine CODE 2.0 i.e. will create several live-editing sessions producing a special edition of CODE Magazine during the duration of the exhibition. 
The complete magazine will be launched on the exhibitions last day.