YEMENWED presented by Davide Balula, Julia Trotta
Yemenwed, picture from The Source
Yemenwed’s work often explores a detached reality; a hyper re-clarification of the present moment, which frequently results in the visual shifting of peripheral experiences to the foreground. Casual back-up dancing, mundane movement, and domestic abstractions are often employed to this end, as they are theatrically rearranged to be viewed as central, and with increased detail.

The group maintains an active interest in the vocabulary of mainstream popular culture, and its conventions, as well as entertainment value, and notions of beauty. Each piece invariably reflects the different personal aesthetic interests of the individual artists forming the work.

Yemenwed was founded in 2006 in New York City, and has released several publications. Yemenwed has participated in exhibitions and performances at MOMA P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center, Portland Institute for Contemporary Art TBA:10, Performa 09, Fake Estate Gallery, 179 Canal, Hessel Museum of Art, Asia Song Society, and Jack Hanley Gallery, among other venues.