THE DARK CUBE by Francesca Gavin
Jeremy Shaw, Representative Measurements, 2008, Black light silkscreen posters with UV lights, dimensions variable
Juliette Bonneviot, Harry Burden, Antoine Catala, Anne de Vries, Jeremy Deller, Thomas Dozol, Oliver Laric, Clunie Reid, Ben Sansbury, Jeremy Shaw, Kasper Sonne, Scott Treleavan

A black light or UV light is a lamp emitting ultraviolet radiation and little visible light. These purple glowing lamps create an effect of fluorescence on particular colours, inks and materials. Exploiting this reaction, black light posters emerged as part of psychedelic culture between 1967 and 1969, initially seen as representations or aids to hallucinogenic drugs at the time. These graphic images and black light in a wider sense were quickly seen as a crass remnants of the counter culture, a failed reference to rebellion. Yet within the phrase black light there is a fascinating contrast between illumination and darkness, veiling and unveiling, chiaroscuro.

Francesca Gavin
London-based writer and curator, Francesca Gavin, is the Visual Arts Editor of Dazed & Confused, Art Editor of Twin and Contributing Editor at AnOther and Sleek magazines.

She is the Curator of the Soho House Group, putting together a collection of 800 artworks international in Berlin, Miami, Toronto, New York and London including Paul Noble, Cyprien Gaillard, Taryn Simon, Jenny Holzer, JR, Ryan McGinley, Keith Tyson, Tracey Emin, Thomas Demand, Jonathan Meese, Christian Jankowski and many others. She has also curated a number of exhibitions, including the museum show The New Psychedelica at MU Eindhoven and Responsive Eyes at Jacob’s Island, London.

She is the author of the books: '100 New Artists', 'Creative Space', 'Hell Bound: New Gothic Art' and 'Street Renegades', all published by Laurence King. She has also contributed to publications including Art Review, ANP Quarterly, Blueprint, Contemporary, icon, Oyster, Nylon Time Out, Sunday Times Style, Vogue and Wallpaper*.